AUS220 - Bonus Blog 1 - On Writing

I've always loved writing, and writing in English is a particular challenge as it's my second language. When I was a kid, my mum enrolled me in an American school, which I attended from kindergarten to 4th grade. That experience gave me a solid base in grammar, literature and the spoken language. A while after I stepped away from studying English everyday, I began to lose my fluency and didn't practice my writing skills until high school, when I started to think about studying abroad. 

My first exchange program was to Cambridge, England, and there I realised that I needed to recuperate my fluency if I were to, one day, live overseas and pursue a better life. I chose Cambridge due to Harry Potter--I grew up watching the movies and it was my dream to visit England. This is a story that I would tell in around 10 pages, so I'll leave as it is and move on to the main point.


What I truly want to talk about in this blog, are my contributions to Designing Sound is one of the most respected and recognised websites on sound design in the industry, run entirely by volunteers, and getting on board was definitely the achievement I'm most proud of. In 2015 they put out a call for new volunteers. I was fresh out of Vancouver Film School and had practically no experience, but I gave a shot anyway and sent them an email explaining the reason why I wanted to contribute, which is to write to people around the same level as I am and help them succeed in the industry as well. A few weeks later I received an email asking for an interview, and as soon as I finished reading the email I shouted: YEEEES!!!!!!

That was THE most scary interview I have ever faced. Why? First, it was via Skype. Second, it was in English. I hate speaking in English over the phone, partially because sometimes I don't understand anything. Anyways, the interview was great, and a few more weeks passed until I received another email, and that's when I got accepted to write for the site, with one condition: I'd have to contribute twice as a guest and once I was ready to submit the third, I'd gain a login to the site and officially become a member of the team. Since I've got impending academics, I'm contributing as a correspondent, which allows me to contribute in my own time, at my own pace. 

The responsibility of writing for Designing Sound is huge; I'm writing alongside people I've come to admire over the last year, as well as to the entire sound design community. I've gotta make sure that everything is grammatically correct and that the article is clear, cohesive and professional.

My first two guest contributions are comprised of a tutorial on workflow and organisation, and an interview with my friend and former boss, Marcelo Goedert. You can access both of them below:

My first contribution as a correspondent was a review of the Zoom H2n portable recorder, which you can find here:

And, most recently, I've published a reflection on the way I perceive competition as part of a series called Sunday Sound Thought:

As you can see, writing is a big part of my life nowadays, and its significance will dramatically increase within the next year. My next article is prone to be a big one, and definitely the most challenging one so far. 

The opportunity of contributing to a well-regarded website has given me plenty of confidence in my abilities, as well as provided me with the ability to think critically about my career and the community.