AUS220 - Bonus Blog 2 - Learning Music Theory

Since I began studying audio, being able to read and write music has been my weakest skill. I've played drums for about a year when I was a teenager and a bit of transverse flute in my early 20s as well. When I began learning flute, I was also undertaking a short course on basic music theory. However, none of those theory classes really interested me as I was too anxious to start writing film scores right away, and whenever I'd stumble upon a challenge, I'd get easily frustrated and leave things as they were. Over time, such frustration led to fear, and fear led to the utter abandonment of both the theory and practice of music. 

You see, I fell in love with film scores due to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter films, and the fact that I never pursued musical training often puts me down, creatively speaking. When I came to SAE to pursue post-production, I felt intimidated by the music subjects for that very reason. I've realised recently that my frustration derived from the music subjects is a product of fear--fear of never being able to compose a film score or even of recording an orchestra. 

I decided, then, to get serious about music theory and learn everything about it. Despite not knowing how to play an instrument professionally, I have basic music production skills in Ableton Live and in Logic Pro X, so I can start from there. I've been undertaking the online Music Theory 101 course from Berklee College of Music and, so far, I've learned A LOT. Yes, the courses at and the support from SAE are ok, but they don't dive deep enough. In addition, I need deadlines in order to function well, and this was one of the best choices I've made this trimester. I'm getting into triad inversions, harmony analysis and voice leading, which are challenging subjects, but my focus is so big that I won't allow myself to get frustrated and quit this time around. 

The video on the left demonstrates the scene that sparkled such passion for classical music and my interest in flute. The video on the right is the music only. 

And the video below refers to my passion for choirs.