AUS220 - Blog 10 - Music

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college.

  • What are your thoughts about the demo that you are working on? 

Last week I caught a fever which originated from a flu, and for that matter I didn't attend class... until the last 2 hours. I took some medicine, ate and slept and by then I was feeling a bit better, so I decided to go in order not to miss too much. I got there when my teammates were finishing the day's recordings and creating the structure of the song. I think they've managed to do a fantastic job as we now have a very pleasant piece of music. 

Despite my lateness, Trinski asked me to pitch any ideas I had, and I did have a couple. I suggested that we created a counterpoint to create more movement to the song, as well as to harmonise it by beginning on the third beat of the bar. Also, what we had that day was mostly bass, electric guitar, drums and percussion. I also suggested that we added a high pitched instrument, such as flute or marimba in order to make it brighter and more dynamic. Another idea was to maybe have the vocal be the counterpoint, so we'd have a melody from the instrumental section, and another one from the vocalist. 

Our initial thoughts on the song were aimed towards making it more ethereal and sad, however as we brainstormed some ideas together, we ended up following a slightly different path, and I'm very satisfied with what we've achieved so far.