AUS220 - Bonus Blog 4 - Time Management Madness

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college.

Today is Tuesday, November 28. I got out of class a couple of hours ago and finally found time to come to my favourite place in the city, the public library, to sit down, organise my thoughts in a friendly and quiet environment, and make sure that I'm up-to-date with all of my errands. 

When the this trimester began, I decided I'd focus my energy on building relationships, as this is the skillset I lack the most at. Whenever I get involved in a project, I tend to devote plenty of energy to it, while neglecting those around me. I know this is something I need to improve, and have no problem saying it out loud. After all, we're always improving and learning from our mistakes, right?

That said, I haven't been focusing solely on the quality of projects as I have in the past trimesters, but rather on collaboration and how my attitudes affects the mood of others. You see, I wanted to challenge myself into getting as many projects as possible, while making sure to maintain good health habits, as well as making sure to be polite, honest, reliable and sympathetic to all of my peers. A few days ago I went to bed thinking on how smoothly I've been able to manage everything, and I was very impressed... until last Friday, when everybody contacted me with short deadlines. 

I'm currently collaborating with the game design department on one major project and with two film major projects, and I might be getting a third one later on from a friend. We've spoken about it, but I'm still waiting for the locked picture to begin working on it. Aside from that, I've recently finished a podcast edit for the Tonebenders, a podcast about sound design, hosted by Timothy Muirhead and Rene Coronado. It was a 50-minute episode and I managed to edit and mix it in less than 24h in total. I challenged myself to do it as fast as I could and with excellent quality in order to see how much it would take me to piece the podcast project together. Since the project has 3 interviews and a story to develop, it will probably be trickier, but I'm now confident to tackle it just as I did with the Tonebenders episode. Having been cutting dialogue almost every day for the past 7 months have brought me enough confidence to tackle any complex dialogue project. 

One of the films I'm helping with, for example, was recorded very low and the producer's concern was that they wouldn't be able to get a good result out of it. This the film Jill came to see Tim in class about the other day. As challenging as it has been, I was able to save and fix 100% of it, and now it's just a matter creating a solid edit that stands out on itself, as well as making sure that the mix is done properly. 

For the game project, I'm required to design audio assets that correspond to game events. As much as I love sound design, believe it or not, design is the area I struggle the most with. I took the challenge as it'd take me out of my comfort zone for good and serve as good practice for developing solid time management skills. Why? Well, I find sound design to be very difficult because it requires loads of experimentation; sometimes it may take me a whole day to figure out how to create a sound. However, as I'm pressed for time, I've got to force myself to think outside of the box and just create, otherwise if I don't find a way to manage the work, I won't be delivering the work quality the game students deserve, not to mention it would mess my involvement with other projects as well. 

Here's a list of what's been finished and delivered both outside of SAE, and inside, as well as a list of what's left:

Delivered work:

  • Tonebenders podcast edit;
  • Interview for Sound Ideas blog;
  • Articles for;
  • AUS220 blogs are up-to-date.

Remaining work:

  • Audiobook for visually impaired children (voluntary family project);
  • An Urnest Christmas dialogue edit (SAE film major project);
  • The Schoolies Week Murders mix (SAE film major project);
  • Suite Dreams audio assets (SAE game design major project);
  • La Venue podcast (Tri 4 project);
  • Music intensive project (Tri 4 project);

Aside from all of that, I've also got my job on Wednesdays and Fridays. I know it seems like more than I can handle... and it probably is... but I haven't gone through a burnout yet, and I'm confident that I'm in the right track. I've realised recently that I work very well when I have deadlines, otherwise I'll just procrastinate and spend my free time on entertainment. With deadlines, I'm able to focus on being productive and the pressure really helps me to learn things faster. 

In addition to all of this, I'm working towards delivering extra blogs such as this one because I love to exercise my critical thinking skills and, well, because writing is one of the best things on earth. 

Finally, you are probably thinking: 'Victor, you're crazy.' Nah, I just love what I do