AUS220 - Critical Reflection

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college.

This trimester was the one I took the most risks and put me out of my comfort zone in every opportunity I could find. I've focused on improving everything I've been doing wrong in regards to communication and collaboration. 

I've really enjoyed the live sound and music intensives as they were new to me. I've never participated in the entire production of a song, and being able to collaborate with some ideas--even though I don't understand music that much--, as well as play an instrument that would be utilised later on accounted for a terrific experience. As for live sound, despite not being for me, seeing and hearing effects such as compression and gating being applied in a live environment shed a light into what I found to be the most complex concepts to understand. It was also tremendously satisfying to hear from guests and the band how professional our gig sounded and looked like. 

As I stated in the first paragraph, this was the trimester I took the most risks so far. I've worked on 7 freelance projects while working part-time and studying full-time. I wanted to challenge myself into seizing the most of every hour in every day, and the result was extraordinary. I did deliver all projects to the best of my abilities and received great feedback on all of them. One of them is still on-going and due this weekend--it's an audiobook for visually impaired children. Two of these were collaborations with the game and film departments at SAE and the other ones were comprised of an interview for Sound Ideas, two articles for and an episode edit for the Tonebenders Podcast. In addition, despite not being freelance, I've written 5 extra blogs for AUS220 simply because I love to write.

Speaking of podcast, I was in charge of the editorial for the trimester podcast project. I ran into many challenges involving the narrative arch of our story, as we lacked a bit on elaborating a solid research. As much as I've worked on improving communication and collaboration, it came to a point where I was overwhelmed by discomfort and that held me back when having to find the right people to be interviewed. Nevertheless, I'm very satisfied with the overall quality of our production despite its minor flaws. 

All in all, I believe I did a terrific job this trimester when compared to previous ones. I've worked on improving my insecurities and weaknesses, and I've put myself in a very tight deadline on purpose in order to push my boundaries and take the most out of my education. However, having challenged myself with numerous external projects, I sacrificed efficiency when researching for the podcast. That's not to say that I regret my decisions. Despite such mistake being minor, I'll take the result as a learning experience and work towards improving it from now on. 

Here are the links for the external freelance projects: