AUS220 - Blog 11 - Music

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college.

  • How is the demo production progressing and what are the most pressing issues? 

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with our demo. My teammates are really good musicians and their contributions to the project have been excellent in my opinion. Last week I contributed by playing the tambourine and I got pretty close to hitting the beat--they do need to be tightened up, but I got close. I've been trying to contribute by providing references in songs I because I don't know how to translate ideas to music, so I've found that doing that does the job. 

    The most pressing issue on Thursday was getting the vocals done. We invited Harry to sing, but he's been busy, so Nick asked Kalana, our opening act for the live show, and he's recorded him this weekend. According to Nick, Kalana was spot on as to what we needed. We are looking into booking a session before the final mix to make sure that we get well prepared; it'd be a session to apply corrective EQ's and fix anything that we think it's worth. 

    I'll have more to say on the 12th blog.