AUS220 - Blog 12 - Music

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college.

  • Are you happy with the demo that you have produced as a group and what would you have done with more time/facilities/budget? 

    Happy? I'm more than happy with our demo.... and that's the end of the blog.

    Jokes aside, I'm impressed with the quality of our project, not to mention team collective team effort applied on top of it. As mentioned in other blogs, our initial approach was quite darker and melodramatic, however as we progressed the mood got changed to something brighter, hopeful, while maintaining the sad tone to it. I think that everyone did a terrific job; Jake was excellent in producing and managing the project, Nick did a great job on the guitars, Phil drove the console very well--we've alternated of course--, Peter was invaluable and I helped with Pro Tools operation as well as some creative suggestions when we were writing the song and mixing it. My studies in music theory have really helped me to have a better understanding of what they were talking about when it came to chords and harmonies. In the end, Trinski gave us all feedback and what he said made my entire day: "Victor, I know this isn't your forte, but f*ck yeah, excellent job." 

    After we bounced the mix we went to the live gig in the sound stage and played back our demo to our friends, and the bass was extremely out of control. It sounded perfect in the Neve and through headphones, so I'd say it was the bass calibration in the stage. Nevertheless, what I would improved if time allowed is the intelligibility of the vocals. To my ears, it sounds like some consonants get masked by other instruments, for example, the hi hats seem to clash with the 'X' of 'box' sometimes. Other than that I think volume automation would be a great addition in the beginning, as the song begins quite weak and then builds up to a warmer and fuller impact. I think that if the intro was a tad quieter and the impact a bit more punchier it'd give the track nice steroids. I'd also improve the clarity of the keys, as their character really spices the track, so to speak. 

    As a group, we've come a long way since the first intensive. At first, I was very shy and intimidated to work in groups; however, as I'll explain in the presentation next week, I worked hard into building relationships and collaborating efficiently in a creative environment. I think that, overall, we struggled to find a common ground in the beginning, but as we progressed we found ourselves in an epiphany and made the projects come to life.