AUD210 - Blog 4 - Remix Planning

This AUD210 series belongs to an assessment from college.

As stated in previous blog posts, the initial idea was to create a soundscape-like remix. However, the song I got was recorded poorly--there's a somewhat distorted guitar accompanying the vocals in the same track, and for that matter I found myself in a quandary. The song itself has a blues feel and I decided to experiment and see what I could do with it. I was able to figure the main structure of the remix over the weekend, which is now allowing me to push my creativity forward. 

Quite unrelated to blues and electronic music per se, the main inspiration for the remix style is coming from percussive soundtracks from games and movies. I'm not attempting to transform blues into classical music, but to take percussive elements from classical music and apply them into a blues remix. Below are two examples from my references. The first one is from a game called Ori and the Blind Forest and the second is from the TV show Better Call Saul. The music from the game and the TV show have been helping me develop the harmony, groove and rhythm for the remix, respectively. 

The song I'm working on is called Pulpit, performed by Palo Alto and recorded by Gabriel Brum Avelar for AUD115. Since we both attend the same school, communication is easy both in digital and live forms. I haven't touched base with him yet but am planning to do so prior to submitting the project. 

I've started the project last week and spent a lot of time studying and watching tutorials on music theory and Ableton Live and I'm very confident and satisfied about the work I'm achieving thus far. 

UPDATE: Here's the SoundCloud link for the original song.