AUD210 - Blog 9 - Jingles Project Timeline

This AUD210 series belongs to an assessment from college.

As I'm writing this very word, the clock is striking 16:23 on a beautiful, sunny Saturday. It's August 5 already and I'm running out of time to deliver my final projects for the trimester. If you're coming from elsewhere outside the school I'm attending, allow me to get you in the loop.

You see, I've got this Jingles project due on August 25, in which I need to create (or recreate) the music for an ad. However, because most companies have strict copyright policies, I chose to work on the story trailer for a game called Child of Light from Ubisoft. The advantage here is that some game studios, such as the aforementioned, allow fans to create walkthroughs, gameplays or even, in my case, recreate the soundscape and publish it online for portfolio purposes, as long as they don't sell their content as their own's. You can find out more about this brilliant attitude at: Aside from that, I also have to contribute to another trailer working in groups. As it was accorded amongst ourselves, my responsibility will be to work on the sound design while my teammates work on the music.

Now back to the blog....

For my individual project, as mentioned above, I've chosen this game trailer.   <---- Click here to open link
For my group project, we've chosen one of the Zombieland's (feature film) trailers    <---- Click here to open link

Admittedly, we haven't been talking much about the project up until the date of this writing. The following chronogram is based on my own expectations for the project. I recognise that I haven't been participative enough; however, I intend to face the next weeks with a positive attitude and get up to speed with everything. 

The table above describes perhaps the ideal schedule for my group collaboration, thought I have yet to discuss it with my teammates.  

This table is related to my individual work. You've probably noticed that I didn't mention submitting it to the exhibition week. The reason for that is that this project is much more challenging than the other one, in the sense that I've gotta compose the music, and I don't want to present unfinished work to the public. I'm confident that I won't be able to complete all of the audio production in 3 weeks due to the fact that I'm not available 24/7 to focus solely on this project. Also, editing and designing takes time -- if I am to create high quality work, that is. As music is the main property of this project, I'm going to be focusing on its creation and then design the sounds around it.

The schedule above illustrates what I've planned for the remainder of the trimester. Depending on how things go, however, the time I regarded to work on sound effects will be dedicated to music.