AUS220 - Blog 1 - Post

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college

- What genres or styles of music are most unfamiliar to me, and what production techniques could be learned from investigating these styles?

This is probably going to sound strange, but one of the most unfamiliar genres to me is MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), which is ironic as I’m Brazilian. The truth is I never really identified myself with my own culture, musically speaking. I’ve been listening to classical music and film scores since my early teenagehood. Another ironic fact is that even though I listen to classical music every day, I’ve never critically analised a piece. What intrigues me the most is the constant usage of tempo variations in classical music--sometimes it seems impossible to keep track of them--, as well as how to orchestrate strings, winds and horns, for example. 

On the left there's an example of good Brazilian music, and on the right one classical music that's been in my mind for a very long time now: 

- (Post, Live & Music) What is the most interesting new technique, concept or tool that I learnt this week in my specific intensive? 

For these first 4 weeks the intensive I was assigned to was post production. To be very honest, nothing was new to me in the first class.

Context: I began my studies in sound (not music) in 2014 when I attended Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for Visual Media program, in Canada. The course was a 1-year intensive on both the business and practical sides of creative audio for film and video games, and the assignments were based in realistic deadlines required by the industry. I’ve also been professionaly active since my graduation. Therefore, the idea of creating templates that suit all sorts of tasks, as well the concept and creative techniques of how to approach a movie feel natural to me, as does music production to musicians. 

When we were browsing through the trailers for the intensive, I chose the trailer of the movie 'It', as abstract sound design is one my weaknesses, and I'd like to improve on these skills. What I'm looking forward to the most is collaborating in a rather big team. I've always had trouble adapting to group work and I really need to get better at this.