AUS220 - Blog 2 - Post

This AUS220 series belong to an assessment from college.

How do you feel about all of the different projects that you have to manage between now and the end of the trimester? 

Well, since last trimester I've been working on several aspects of my life in order to improve my productivity at work and at college. What's good of starting the trimester with the post production intensive is because it's such a natural part of me already, that it doesn't feel like more work I have to do. The end of the intensive is getting closer, and I'm feeling relaxed about it. Therefore, I'm provided with enough time to organise myself and work towards maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

The music and live intensives will be the hardest one as they're entirely outside of my comfort zone, which is great. Over the last year at SAE I had to step out of my comfort zone more than I probably have in 25 years. Last trimester I was more concerned with scoring an HD rather than adapting my learning experience into a HD. I'm still keeping an eye on it, but I want to live the experience, be challenged and absorb as much as I can rather than to strive just for a high mark. 

In terms of the podcast, I think the team has started well. Speaking for me, one of my biggest difficulties in life has always been working in groups. I do love to collaborate across departments. What I don't like is doing research and preparing a presentation together. I don't know if that's something I necessarily need to improve or if it simply part of who I am--I've been trying to since my childhood and it never worked out well for me. 

Nevertheless, by acknowledging this weakness of mine, I've decided to focus my energy on improving my team work skills rather than focusing solely on the project, and I'm feeling positive about the challenges I'll be facing within the weeks to come.

(Post) Respond to the statement “Sound is bigger than music” 

There are two ways to answer this question. 1. If you wan't to go literal, one contradicts the other. 2. It depends on your point of view regarding a specific piece. Let me explain.

1. People say that music is organised sound.. so if we were to inverse that logic, music would be unorganised sound. Therefore the statement is essentially saying that sound is bigger than sound. Enough with abstract philosophy, let's move on to the second one.

2. I recently watched this video about the forgettable music of the Marvel cinematic universe (it's quite lengthy but worth watching):

I guess that in Marvel's case, we could say that sound is bigger than music. I vaguely remember the Avengers' theme, and the only soundtrack I can hum with confidence is that of the new Spider-Man movie as its iconic music is used in the story, and the guitar is quite catchy as well.

From a technical point of view, it would be accurate to assume that sound is bigger than music; in sound, you have the dialogue, foley, sound effects, background (or atmosphere depending on where you're from), and on top of all this maybe even sound design playing practically all the time. While dialogue and foley must be synchronised with picture, music doesn't have such requirement--it comes and goes whenever it pleases. However, from an artistic point of view, I think one complements the other to emphasise emotions. One of my favourite scenes--one that illustrates perfectly the aforementioned sentence--is from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Pay attention at how the sound design transitions to a moment of practically nothing but music and dialogue to give us hope, and then comes back at full intensity, as to remind us that we're still at war. 

And here's the opposite. Notice how the music persuades Sméagol into craving the ring for him self, and as soon as he attempts to steal it from Deagol, the sound design takes over emphasising the ring's frenetic power and mind control, so to speak.

...and that concludes my response to the statement 'sound is bigger than music'.