AUS220 - Blog 4 - Post

This AUS220 series belongs to an assessment from college.

  • How was the final week of your specific intensive? What are your comments about this area of audio/music production? 

    As opposed to the previous trimesters, I'm focusing my energy on improving my interpersonal skills rather than the creative side of things. Depending on the situation, perfectionism can be either good or bad - and I've got a lot of it. When we began designing the trailer, I think the biggest mistake we made was to send everything to a random reverb. Yes, everything sounds great with reverb, however, to me, it can trick you into thinking that that's the best setting to go with. And when you start mixing and change the settings, suddenly it sounds terrible and now your mix doesn't make any sense anymore. 

    I've got some previous experience with Pro Tools HD and the D-Control (the bigger D-Command), and running through advanced automation modes and operating the console was very straightforward. However, my teammates didn't have knowledge on that yet, and I think I might've had screwed some things up, as I began letting my creative side drive the session instead of laying low and collaborating with everyone to a collective outcome. Whenever I get into a project I'm working on I tend to do plenty of things without explaining what exactly is it that I'm doing. I just go with the flow and neglect my surroundings, so to speak. 

    In the beginning of class Tristan commented about mixing the dialogue to -24 LUFS, and had us practice doing that. However, instead of levelling the faders to an average value, the team insisted on hitting everything at -24 instead of moving on. That really slowed us down. I must admit that I got very anxious at one point as we had only 3-4 hours to mix the project to the best of our abilities, and close to lunch time we hadn't even scratched the surface. 

    Speaking from a critical point of view on SAE's curriculum, I think that introduction to post production and advanced automation modes such as latch preview should've been thought in the first trimester. It seems like a big waste of time to just introduce students to the concept of storytelling a year later. It'd also be good to have a subject on introduction to narrative or something of the sort. I really liked how the third trimester was simply "Here's Ableton Live, and here's your assignment. Figure it out." 

  • Do you want to pursue a career in post-production? If so why? 

    At the moment, post production is what makes the most sense to me. I like to say I've been studying this since I was a child, as I began experimenting with editing music to picture about 13 years ago. I've always loved movies and my life-time dream has been to work in the industry. However, I've been finding myself more interested in audio as both science and art, and I'm not discarding the possibility of a career change sometime. Health is an area that I'm interested in, as well as architecture. In addition, I've been finding that I excel much more in sound editing than in design or mixing. I like to work with material that already exists, and make it better.